Our Story


Shane is a Boston native, who spent fifteen years in the aviation sector. He served in worldwide missions as an Air Force F-15 weapons troop, an Army Apache pilot, and a PSA Airlines pilot. When Shane met Yosmar, he quickly fell for her grace, beauty, and especially her cooking.


Yosmar grew up working in her family’s restaurant in Venezuela. When she came to America she brought her family recipes, which became a smash-hit with friends. Everyone loved the new flavors and textures of the Venezuelan food, and they kept coming back for more. It made the duo extremely happy to see people’s delight and satisfaction when they bit into an arepa for the first time.

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In an effort to prolong this happiness, Moon Frog Arepas was started. Its mission is to introduce high-quality Venezuelan food to as many Americans as possible. Order now or stop by Moon Frog Arepas in downtown Tampa to try this delicious food for yourself. Hi-Five Your Tastebuds!




412 N Florida Ave

Tampa, FL 33602

Monday - Friday

11:00am - 7:00pm 

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